Fashion Trends For Winter 2015

Autumn of the year 2015 has almost arrived. Every fashion house is displaying its most awaited winter collection and people are looking at them to find out the winter trends this year. After analyzing all the popular brands in the fashion industry, here we are with the eight trends that are widely seen in designers’ collection.

  1. Snow White:

Dark and bright color dresses are liked and preferred by most designers and common people in winter. However, the palette that dominated the winter collections this year is ‘white’.

  1. Long Coats:

Coats, jackets and vests are always the notable part of every winter collection. This year, very long coats of different fabrics and designs were seen in the winter collection.

  1. Stylish Capes:

Just like the previous year, capes of various styles and fashions are included in the winter collection for this year. Capes of glamorous colors and prints can be worn this winter to have a chic look.

  1. High Waist Cloths:

Most winter exhibitions displayed high waist cloths such as skirts, pants and shirts. For enhancing the beauty of these dresses belts were also included for decorative purposes. These high waist dresses with belts are efficiently giving an elegant look to the people wearing them.

  1. Revival Of Eighties:

The popular eighties trends were dominant in the fashionable winter collection this year. Especially, leather was found in most dresses with a variety of retro styles. Whether it was a formal dress or a casual dress, leather was prominent in every design.

  1. Fringe:

For past few years, fringe has been in fashion. Whether it is a summer collection or winter collection, fringe always makes its way to the heart of the designers. In autumn 2015 collection, coats, vests, skirts and various dresses were seen embellished with the fringe.

  1. Partly Transparent:

The trend of transparent edges or sleeves is also prominent this year. These partly transparent dresses gives a glamorous and sensational look to the people wearing it.

  1. Quilted Dresses:

Quilted details were strikingly seen in various dresses, vests, skirts and bags this year.

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