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Fantastic Four – A Lousy Venture

Chronicles was the best that could happen to the cinema and to a debutante American director Josh Trank. Getting to know that Trank’s next venture would be one of the most talked about and massively read Marvel comic “Fantastic 4”, his fans were really excited and expected that could be a treat for the cine-goers. What happens to his latest venture Fantastic 4, let’s discover.

Reed Richards is an amazing scientist, who has established a teleportation device with the help of which one can travel to another planet. At Baxter Institute, Richards teams up with Victor Von Doom and Sue Storm in order to leave for the planet journey. They are joined by 2 more candidates on their first ever planet-hop Johnny Storm (Sue’s brother) and Ben Grimm (Richard’s childhood friend. The team leaves to a stony wilderness that does not tolerate any guests on their planet. Victor is absorbed by the gunk that turns him into a degenerated Dr. Doom. Even the remaining team members are cursed with superpowers. One’s ability to stretch, other’s flammable, one’s covered in rocks – that’s the point where they are treated like exiles. Soon government recognizes that it’s only them who can actually stand between Doom and planet earth to save it. And that’s the Fantastic four all about.

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The cast of the Fantastic Four is really amazing but it’s one of those enterprises where the on-screen chemistry between actors faces a huge flaw. The script could have been tighter but sadly, it leaves you in awkwardness. It can be best described as creativeness besmirched by corporate involvement.

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Doom, the super villain of Marvel, looks weird and his metal mask is lost with something that is literally odd. The characters of Bell and Jordan are nicely worked upon but the moment they get their superpowers, they just seem to be grunting and nothing else.

Fantastic Four is awesome, out of the world and an amazing entertaining experience but that is limited to the paper. Yes, the movie Fantastic Four is a lousy venture. It is in rumors that a sequel is announced already but on a serious note, if the prequel is like this, no one would be willing to watch the upcoming venture.

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On the basis of plotting, screen play, acting and treatment, Fantastic Four can only score a 2 out of 5, that too if you are die-hard fan of Marvel.

No harm in skipping these Fantastic Fours.

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