FAN – For Fans Only

Shahrukh Khan is a bigger brand than an actor. And branded products are largely consumed only because of their names. The last 3 movies of SRK, since 2013, Dilwale, Happy New Year and Chennai Express were a big letdown in terms of content and story but even then those movies maintained to recover more than what was invested. Fan is Shahrukh Khan’s most anticipated movie, after Raees. Viewers have a lot of expectations with this particular venture. Plus, SRK is back with Yash Raj Film’s banner, the banner which blessed him with due recognition, fame and success. Let’s see what Fan has to offer to its fans?

Fan is the story of Gaaurav Chanda, who is a die-hard (read: obsessed) fan of Aryan Khanna. Right from Gaurav’s childhood, Aryan is his idol. The interesting thing is that, Gaurav resembles to Aryan as well, but he is shorter in height and with slight facial differences. Gaurav wins a trophy by performing on Aryan Khanna’s medley and enactments, and decides to go and meet Aryan and present him his trophy on Aryan’s birthday. Gaurav being Aryan’s fans and have read all about him, chooses to go to Mumbai from Delhi via train without ticket (that’s what Aryan did when he first went to Mumbai in search of his dreams to become an actor). Secondly he also stayed in the same room where Aryan stayed after reaching Mumbai. Gaurav tries to meet Aryan but faces failure. Then one day a younger rising star tries to defame Aryan and this boils Gaurav’s blood. Gaurav approaches to Sid Kapoor and beats him up to make him record an apology message which goes viral and media gets involved. When Aryan gets to know about Gaurav’s this act, he gets him arrested and asks him to leave for Delhi. From here, Gaurav’s heart shatters and he decides to take revenge against Aryan and promises to bring his stardom to dust. What happens next is a tale of SRK junior (Gaurav) trying to bring SRK senior (Aryan) down. Rest is for you to explore.

Performance wise, Shahrukh as Gaurav is commendable. This is something which SRK hasn’t tried earlier. His dialect, gestures and treatment is all fresh. On the contrary, Shahrukh Khan as Aryan is typical; same acting, same pouting, same attitude. There are practically no songs in the movie, not even the “Jabra Fan”, so the movie stands nowhere in music department.

Fan Review

Direction and script wise Fan is an ultimate failure in terms of newness and freshness. An avid movie goer can relate many scenes from previously released Bollywood and Hollywood movies. There are two major fight and chase sequences in the movie. One is big time inspired and copied by Quantum of Solace, which takes place post interval. The other is the climax fight which gives a strong flavor of Jackie Chan’s multiple movies.

Fan movie review

Fan reminds viewers movies like Dar, Baazigar and even Amitabh – Manoj Bajpai starrer psychopathic movie AKS. Fan could have been a lot better in terms of treatment and emotional quotient but sadly it falls terribly. The first half of the movie is predictable, thanks to the promos for stealing the thunder. The second part is dragged, boring and too conventional. Viewers are getting sensible. But then again due to mass following of Shahrukh Khan and released worldwide, the movie will do a good business, like his previous releases.

Don’t think about logic, reality checks and rational – only then you’ll like this movie. Else, skip.

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  • Direction
  • Script
  • Music
  • Concept