Fakhar - Fakhr
Musically Not Proud of Fakhr-e-Alam

Remember 90’s? There was a young kid in the block who amazed entire nation with his rap skills, yes I am talking about Fakhr-e-Alam who surprised us all with “Rap 1″. Fakhar produced great songs one after another and was also known to do the most expensive video of those times titled “Laut Aao”. Fakhar was known for his patriotic songs and the kind of rap he was proficient with.

Years passed and Fakhr took a long break from singing, the pride of Pakistan’s music is back with not 1 but 2 singles titled Shikwa Pakistani and Jawab-e-Shikwa Pakistani; in both songs Fakhar is accompanied with Shezan Saleem. Before digging deeper, let’s watch / listen to these songs by Fakhr-e-Alam.

Shikwa Pakistani ( Uth Pakistani Part 1 )

Unfortunately, the songs are anything but interesting or funny. The context might be good but if the context is not supported with good content it’s almost a dead act. That’s exactly what both the songs from Fakhar suffer from; bad content. One cannot always get viral or hit by using words like Cho–, “L” word, Paad (fart) and such others; it’s nothing but a farce attempt to create good music.

Jawaab e Shikwa Pakistani Song

It’s a disappointment to watch and listen a song from Fakhr-e-Alam who was once a representative of quality entertainment.