Fairlife Coca Cola 2
FairLife – Premium Milk By Coca Cola

Have you ever imagined Coca-Cola would take risk after its faulty experiences over the years? The most prominent one was undeniably the launch of the “New Coke” (aka The New Taste Of Coca Cola). The same was detested by the consumers and the company had to re-launch the original formula of Coca Cola under the name of “Classic Coke”.

Other disasters and failed drink under Coca Cola’s flagship includes:


  • Tab Clear
  • OK Soda
  • Surge
  • Sprite Remix

This time, Coca Cola has geared up and planning to launch “premium milk” under its head, titled FairLife. This premium dairy product will be 30% lesser in sugar and will have 50% more protein. It is also expected to be lactose free, which is shared by Sandy Douglas (the senior Vice President).

The ads look attractive and appealing for sure, at least for those who admire beauty and sensuality. Following are some of the display ad materials, share your reviews on them.

Fairlife Coca Cola 1 Fairlife Coca Cola 3Fairlife Coca Cola 2

In addition to that, public has also shared their reviews and concerns regarding the company and its upcoming product i.e. FairLife. Have a look at them as well:

2 3 1

Promotions are carried out almost everywhere for FairLife and following is just one picture among many.


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