Energizing Pakistani Events – Epic Energy

EPIC Energy a premium energy drink based in Austria is recently introduced in Pakistan by Grenade Energy Ltd UK. The premium energy drink is consumed largely by target market. Whether there are events, parties, picnics and other such happenings you can easily spot Epic energy in the hands of individuals.


In Pakistan, fashion industry is doing phenomenally well. Recently, Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015 was held in Karachi (the city of lights). Epic Energy was consumed from the most hard working crew members to models running showcasing designer wear on the ramp and also by members of HUM TV; they all were energized throughout the event – thanks to Epic energy, for keeping them charged and active.

Epic Energy Consumed Back-Stage:

EPIC Energy is quite popular in youngsters as well. Epic energy is the perfect combo of vitamins and great taste along with refreshing energy to fight with the body fatigue. The re-sealable can in specific has proved to be enormously liked because it allows consumers to consume the drink as per their requirement, no less no more.

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Omair Mateen, the CEO of Epic Energy, shared his feelings about the experience of associating with the HUM network for Telenor Bridal Couture Week said “The constructive notes that we received with affections to the flavor of EPIC Energy at the Telenor Bridal Couture Week were very positive. Since everybody was bustling and required to be energized from time to time, Epic Energy Drink ascertained to be the perfect potion which revitalized them and was appropriate for them to carry it easily and drink correctly with the re-sealable can. The smooth matt cans were loved by the fashion aficionados as well. The total practice has exhilarated us to join and assist our customers in upcoming events like these and we would like to thank HUM Network, Pitch Media Inc., and Production 021 team for allowing us revitalize the offstage with Epic Energy Drinks”.

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