How I Ended Up Eating At Café Riverwood

So my husband and I with our 7 months old baby were lost in the myriad of cafes and eateries in DHA. Unable to think on top of our tired baby’s gurgle, we stopped our car for getting some water to quench our thirst. It was the middle of the afternoon of a supposedly winter day. Yes, while the rest of the Pakistan was enjoying cold winds and rain, in Karachi the ever drought ridden city, the temperature nowhere near indicated to cool down.

We had been driving around for a while, unable to decide what to eat and where to eat. My husband and I, both being foodies can never easily settle for what we want to eat; because we love to eat and we love every cuisine. Yes, every cuisine! We have our favorites but it’s always difficult to settle on what to eat. During our 45 minute drive in DHA, we came across many eateries that called to us. We passed Bundu Khan which drew us with tempting smoke tinged BBQ, Ginsoy with their promise of extreme Chinese, Espresso which we decided we’ll stop at for coffee. We found several cafes like Genova, Latte Lounge and Café Studio. I told my husband in no-nonsense tone that I won’t eat in a café this time with their similar ambiance and food. Every café is almost the same with dim lights and their menus usually do not offer much variety.

But guess what, I had to eat my words when my son started wailing outside that shop we got water bottles from and next to that shop was Café Riverwood. So, instead of trying out a new place and dishes we went for comfort food. Anyone who has a baby would know what I am talking about.

We ordered our usual, Chicken Quesadilla for starters and Italian Chicken with fries on the side and Tarragon Beef steak with mashed potatoes. The food arrived without much delay and while waiting for food we asked the waiter to bring mineral water. The mineral water was at room temperature but the waiter was efficient and provided us ice chips several times during the meal and I thought that is something worth mentioning. All three dishes looked appetizing and we were hungry enough to dig in right away.

Chicken Quesadilla was superb, haven’t had any better. The customary sour cream sauce and salsa were better in taste than what many other eateries offer. Salsa had the right amount of zing and sour cream sauce had a hint of lemon juice in it which tasted great.

Coming to Italian Chicken, with crisp covering it was moist from the inside and tasted good.

 Tarragon Beef Steak was a letdown, the steak was dry and had no taste. Mashed potatoes were tasteless.

To sum it up it was an okay lunch. I haven’t been to Café Riverwood in ages and going there again didn’t leave any lasting impression, not for the ambiance or the food. I probably will not go there again.

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