Kelectric shortage
Electricity Supply To Karachi Is Affected – Shares KElectric

KElectric is one of the organizations which is under constant criticism from public. There are memes available on the Internet depicting the inconsistency of this organization and people on social media make fun of it almost all the time. Recently, it has been shared from KElectric’s official social media pages that the electricity supply to Karachi will be affected due to the tripping in transmission line of National Grid station.

Kelectric shortage 1

Update Shared By KElectric

It is also informed from KElectric that efforts are made from the team’s end to restore this issue as soon as they can. Karachi is facing this electricity shortage since 6 AM in the morning, as on 12th November 2018.

People are raising questions of multiple sorts on social media about this issue, some are even making fun and sharing memes on KElectric.

We expect that the issue gets resolved as soon as possible and Karachiites can resume their daily activities with convenience for the rest of the day.  

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