Dulux Pakistan Utilizes Reema’s USP Smartly

In advertising world, one question is most important i.e. “Which market are we going to make the advertisement for?” It is essential to describe the target audience of a TVC. Those who keep this in focus mostly create good ads or let’s say engaging ones which have an impact on their target audience. In Pakistan, it seems like there are two kind of people, ones who judge every single TVC with their creative and critical glasses on and others who think not only with critical angle but also have the kind of market in their mind for which the brand caters at the end of the day (very few in number).

The latest TVC of Dulux Pakistan is amongst those ads which is receiving mixed responses, a few are making fun of the TVC and emphasizing on Reema’s needless dance moves and they don’t agree with the idea of selling products by dancing. On the other hand, let’s focus on two main elements;

  • Target market,
  • Reema Khan’s USP,

Dulux Pakistan TVC

Target Market:

The target market of Dulux Paints is masses. Dulux is used by large audience in Pakistan and this means that the brand is aiming to attract the market which mostly likes to buy what looks good and is attractive. They don’t want under-toned messages or creatively subtle advertisements (at least that’s the perception at large); they prefer flamboyant and highly entertaining TV commercials. A commercial which engages them, makes them enjoy what they watch and makes them feel good about it – something which provides entertainment.

Reema Khan’s USP;

Those who are familiar with Reema Khan’s Pakistanoi Film Career already know that she has always been applauded for her dance; Reema is/was considered as the most amazing dancer of Pakistani cinema after Babra Sharif and Raani. When Reema left film industry, she left a vacuum which no other actress could fill In terms of dancing; till date – (at least this is the perception in the film industry). Smartly using this USP of Reema in Dulux Paints ad is a clever move. Pakistani audience still relates Reema Khan with her unique dancing style; and if you look closely, Reema danced with complete grace yet vivacity in the TVC of Dulux Pakistan’s ad.

Plus, this TVC is an extension of regional campaign, earlier it was shot for Indian market with ditto execution style and almost the same content, you may watch that here);

The TVC of Dulux Pakistan is a nice effort which is smartly done, keeping the minute elements of star-power utilized in the TVC along with what audiences (target market) enjoy.