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Dobara Phir Se – Stellar Performances And Brilliant Script

All of those who were and are praying for the revival of Pakistani cinema, it’s time for you to cheer up. Mehreen Jabbar is a known and reputed name of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. She is all geared up with her new movie Dobara Phir Se which features many actors and actresses like Adeel Hussain, Sanam Saeed, Hareem Farooq, Ali Kazmi, Tooba Siddiqui and Atiqa Odho etc. Dobara Phir Se is promoted on all mediums and with great marketing strategy, but does it mean that the product is also good and will be liked by the audience? Well, that we have to explore.

Trailer – Dobara Phir Se

Dobara Phir Se revolves around Hammad (Adeel Hussain) who is friends with Vaasay (Ali Kazmi) and Samar (Sanam Saeed). Samar tries to hook Hammad up with Natasha (Tooba Siddiqui) and things start to gel well between them but Hammad bumps in to another friend of Samar’s named Zainab (Hareem Farooq). Zainab is married to Asim (Shaz Khan) with a kid. Zainab, after filing the divorce, becomes very good friend with Hammad. Life isn’t always that simple, it keeps changing and taking new turns; this is exactly what Dobara Phir Se is based on. When Hammad proposes Zainab, in the midst of Vaasay’s and Samar’s wedding, she refuses the proposal. What happens next is what Dobara Phir Se is all about. Watch it to know how destiny has a different plan when you least expect it to change.

Team Of Dobara Phir Se At Karachi Premiere

Performance wise Dobara Phir Se is truly amazing. Right from the main leads to the supporting artistes, everyone gives their best on-screen. Adeel Hussain is effortless. He keeps it simple and is every bit believable. Only a mature actor could have carried out the character of Hammad, and Adeel nailed it. Hareem Farooq is gorgeous, talented and the future ace performer in the female leads. You can’t keep your eyes off Hareem. Sanam Saeed is spontaneous and she gives a very realistic performance. Ali Kazmi does justice with his role. Ali is one of those actors who can do a lot better provided he is given well-penned roles; and Dobara Phir Se is his finest by far.

Shaz Khan Dobara Phir Se Tooba Siddiqui Dobara Phir Se Hareem Farooq Dobara Phir Se Team Of Dobara Phir Se At Karachi Premiere Sanam Saeed Dobara Phir Se

Tooba Siddiqui is first rate. Shaz Khan is a revelation; he displays emotions and chauvinist expressions with complete ease. Shaz Khan will keep you awed and fixated with his high-voltage-drama scenes. Atiqa Odho is good. Special mention for the kid, he is cute and acts seriously well.

Mehreen Jabbar

The cinematography of Dobara Phir Se is brilliant and very impressive. Songs are first rate, almost every other song is catchy; Lad Gaiyyaan, Kaisee Hai Ye, Baaghon Mein being the toppers. The beauty of Dobaraa Phir Se lies in its simple to understand dialogue. The script is amazingly written, including the day to day language which Pakistanis use. Direction of the movie is at its finest. Watch it, it’s for classes, this film is amongst the true examples of “Revival of Pakistani Cinema”.

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