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And Disney Finally Finds Its Aladdin And Jasmine

Last week there was news on social media that Disney is in trouble finding the lead for their upcoming movie Aladdin. This made the fans so crazy that they started suggesting  different actors across the globe to play the lead.

Egyptian born Canadian actor Mena Massoud was announced to play Aladdin. He has played different role in many American TV series, he has recently been cast in an upcoming movie strange but true as well.

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While many of the fans routes for Avon Gorge for Aladdin because he actually resembles a lot with animated Aladdin.

(He sure does look like Aladdin )

Avon thanks his fan for the support in his twitter

The lady love of Aladdin and our favorite and adventures Princess Jasmine will be Naomi Scott, who has roots from India and Egypt. Scott is known for her role in Disney UK series Life Bites and she recently played Pink Range in the Power Rangers movie.

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It was previously announced that Will Smith will be playing the role of Genie , however the dates of the movie is yet to be announced.

Are you excited for upcoming Aladdin? Do you like our Aladdin cast?? Share your comments below.

By the way, who will play the character of evil genius Jafaar? Any guesses?

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