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Dew Action Karachi – Dew Crew Unleashed

Mountain Dew’s upcoming event in Karachi, Dew Action, is getting a lot of attention these days. The fun event that is filled with excitement, thrills, bikes and FMX stunts is all set to take place in Karachi. Dew Action is one of a kind event which is very much appreciated by adventure seekers, youngsters and everyone who is a dare-devil from within.

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Dew Ramp is the game launched by Mountain Dew and by playing this game on Facebook, players can win free tickets. On the contrary, there’s another way to win free passes to the Dew Action in Karachi and that is very simple.

How To Win Free Passes For Dew Action Karachi?

P.S. If you want to win “Free Pass for DEW ACTION” you have to perform the following 3 basic steps:

1 – Share this blog-post on your Twitter with Hashtag #DEWACTION #DoTheDew and #ShafiqSiddiqui in same Tweet

2 – Share this post on your Facebook, straight from the Facebook  Page

3 – Follow on Facebook and Twitter; don’t forget to Tag.

That’s it! Winners will be handpicked and passes will be delivered to them.

Conditions Apply: you need to be in Karachi, Pakistan, in order to attend DEW ACTION. Winners will be announced on 15th April, 2015 on Facebook Page and Twitter.

Who To Expect As “Dew Crew” In Dew Action

Everyone is dying to know about the Dew Crew, here are the 3 main Crew Members of dew Action!

As the Dew Crew is exposed now, you all want to be a part of this great event and participate. don’t waste your time and start to follow what’s already shared to win free passes to the Dew Action in Karachi.

Dew Crew

Visual Courtesy: Mountain Dew Facebook

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