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#DarazBlackFriday Coming To Pakistan

Black Friday is the day your material dreams come true. A day on which no budget is too small and nothing is out of reach. It’s a day with massive discounts on absolutely everything. No checkout lines. No crowds to push through. You can sip coffee as you shop for anything and everything without having to worry about a budget. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well its happening. Daraz Black Friday is coming to Pakistan; thanks to DarazPk.

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The biggest shopping day of the year started off as a small Sale held by Macy’s during the Thanksgiving parade back in 1924. Because of its success, even more stores held a sale next year giving people a good start to Christmas shopping. Very soon, a tradition was born: stores all over America would offer enormous discounts on the Friday right after thanksgiving. It became the unofficial start to holiday season shopping.

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For decades it remained a strictly American thing. But over the last few years several markets all over the world have realized the win-win situation that Black Friday brings: publicity and profits for the sellers and discounts for the customers. Canada, the UK, Nigeria, Costa Rica and numerous other countries are now part of the annual Black Friday sale around the globe.

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Daraz.pk has taken up the task of bringing Daraz Black Friday to the people of Pakistan. On 27th November at 12am, thousands of items go on discounts that are hard to say no to. The major categories will be electronics, fashion and beauty.  Daraz Black Friday will be Pakistan’s biggest online shopping event, changing history and putting Pakistan on the Black Friday map. So no long lines and no rushing for the last item on the shelf. A simple click and swipe with a cup of tea in your hand is all you need. Don’t get in line, go online!

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