Fahad Mustafa & Iman ALi
In Convo With Fahad Mustafa And Iman Ali About MaheMir

The pace with which Pakistani filmmakers are making movies surely evince the fact that the modern-age cinema has revived and is burgeoning with leaps and bounds. Where there are filmmakers, who are opting for solid entertainment and commercial movies; there are also those who want to make serious and artistic movies.

MaheMir Theatrical Trailer:

After phenomenal success of Sarmad Khusat’s Manto, the cine-goers in Pakistan will be gifted with Anjum Shehzad’s directorial debut film, Mah-e-Mir. The storyline of the movie does not exactly emulate iconic poet Mir Taqi Mir’s life, but majorly draws inspiration from his life events and his mesmerizing poetry. The movie has an ensemble of cast that includes Fahad Mustafa, Iman Ali, Sanam Saeed and Aly Khan.

On Monday i.e. 18th April, at the official music launch of the movie, I got a chance to interact with the lead cast of the film and tried to dig out some amazing information from dashing Fahad Mustafa and ravishing Iman Ali.

Fahad Mustafa and Iman Ali

Five Questions with Fahad Mustafa

  1. One scene in which you took many retakes?

Ans. Almost all the scene. There wasn’t even a single scene that I did in one go. As the script has very tough Urdu like we read in Mir’s poetry, so I had to be very conscious about diction and dialogue delivery.

  1. Do you remember any bloopers that you made?

Ans. Oh, there are a lot of bloopers. I used to say a lot of things during my scenes and chant Mir’s poetry.

  1. Who did your wardrobe for the movie?

Ans. I myself selected pieces in such a way that they complemented my character.

  1. What is it that makes this project memorable for you?

Ans. Everything from crazy shoot timings to innumerable retakes; everything is so special about this movie as it is going to be a movie that will set the benchmark for our cinema.

  1. Are we seeing you in dramas?

Ans. Why not? I will continue to do dramas. As an artist I don’t want to restrict myself to one thing. I love television and would continue to be a part of it.

Fahad Mustafa & Iman ALi

Five Questions with Iman Ali

  1. One scene in which you took many retakes?

Ans. None.

  1. Your role looks similar to your other roles in your previous movies; tell us about your role in the movie.

Ans. No, it’s not exactly the same role. In this movie, it’s more about imagination and everything like dance and stuff is in imagination. I am looking forward to do some comic roles now in the movies.

  1. Who did your wardrobe for the movie?

Ans. It’s basically me and Fizza Ali Meerza who put together wardrobe for my role.

  1. What is it that makes this project special for you?

Ans. One of the things that kept me excited throughout and one of the reasons why I did this movie is that the movie is directorial debut of my friend, Anjum Shehzad.

  1. Are we seeing you on small screen?

Ans. No, not really. I always wanted to do movies and television was never my thing. I am so happy that our industry is growing and there are more opportunities to do films.