Coke Studio 10: The Tale of Nepotism

Coke Studio Pakistan has been a mighty success over the years. Running with its 10th edition nowadays, Coke Studio has left no efforts to tarnish the image of classics in the eyes of millions of fans across the globe. All the hoopla here being created is in response to Coke Studio turning out to be a Nepotism Studio. The additions like Zaw Ali (Sajjad Ali’s daughter), Danyal Zafar (Ali Zafar’s brother), Sanwal Esakhelvi (Attaullah’s son) are few of the prominent names that will be marking their Coke Studio debut this year.

Coke Studio Zaw Ali Coke studio Daniyal zafar

Adding More to the Tale of Nepotism

The list which opens up with the surprise inclusion of Zaw Ali gets extended with the addition of Sherjan Ahmed (Salman Ahmed) and Akbar Ali (Javed Bashir’s son). Sherjan will show off his skills with the acoustic guitar and Akbar will be playing pivotal role off-camera. The other aforementioned names Danyal Zafar and Sanwal Esakhelvi have been in the limelight even before the Coke Studio call-up, and the worst part is that they are not in the business due to their singing skills. If you think it’s all done then have a view at prevailing cronyism in Coke Studio.

Cronyism & Coke Studio

Coke Studio Ali Hamza Coke Studio Faiza Mujahid

In a country where musical talent is wandering on the roads, how come you straightaway get the kids of the musical families on board? The thing which makes this nepotism move even tougher to digest is that Coke Studio 10 has got such newbie faces aligned when they are on the way to mark their decade season. The music-enthusiasts out there were expecting more of it, but this turn of events turned out to be a major blow for them.

It will be worth mentioning here that Coke Studio Pakistan, commenced back in 2008, turned out to be a big support to the stumbling music industry of Pakistan. And now with the marvelous journey, it has millions of followers around the world. The thing which turned out to be a big disappointment now is that the young guns included in this edition don’t stand out for the actual musical talent here in Pakistan.

Coke Studio 10 – Daniyal Zafar & Momina Mustehsan

The menace of nepotism has been keeping us way behind in the different fields and sectors and if the same is to be accepted in the musical field, nothing good can be accepted in next several years.