Chef – The Broth is Not Spoiled Actually

Remake after another remake, that’s what Bollywood is going through, last week it was Judwaa 2 (remake) and this week it is Chef (remake of Hollywood film with same name). Saif Ali Khan has teamed up with Raja Menon who earlier directed Airlift and won audience with his storytelling and execution. Chef has only Saif as the selling point of the film, apart from him everyone else is either fairly new or have limited exposure in Bollywood. Let’s explore what Chef has to offer to its audience.

Trailer – Chef:

Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan) is a passionate yet stubborn chef whose career is at a stagnant position. After going through an impulsive experience with a customer, Roshan spends some time in prison because of a complaint filed against him. Soon Roshan is dethroned from his position and he returns to his ex-wife, Radha (Padmapriya), and son, Arman. One thing leads to another and Radha’s friend Bijju (Milind Soman) offers Roshan to run a food van. What happens next is what Chef is all about. Chef is about relationships, living one’s dreams and deciding what is more important between life and passion.

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Saif Ali Khan has always excelled in films which are easy on viewers i.e. movies which slow and steady storylines. Hum Tum, Love Aaj Kal and Salaam Namaste are films where viewers enjoy Saif and his acts. Chef is amongst those movies where Saif has performed in a very calculated manner. Saif Ali Khan does a decent job as Roshan and looks his age.

The boy who played Saif’s son is commendable and carried his emotions just right. Padmapriya is effective and give a mature performance. She looks attractive, gorgeous and suits the character of a middle-aged mom. Milind Soman is good in an extended cameo. Chandan Roy Sanyal is like always impressive, this guy needs meatier roles and he will surprise the audience.

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Direction and execution wise Chef is a good film. It’s one of those films which you can watch on leisurely afternoons and enjoy the father-son bonding of two kinds. The film also gives a taste of road-trip adding to the richness of cultures and emotions along with different emotions which one experience – dealt in a very subtle mannerism. Music of Chef is okay, no brownie points for that.

Watch Chef if you want to see a simple, sweet and “good-on-narration” film. To some it might be boring but that’s how the film moves on and connects one point to the other. It’s a feel good film!

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