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ARY Drama Cheekh – Episode 1 Review

Saba Qamar’s latest drama titled Cheekh was under discussion for quite some time. The teaser of Cheekh was intense and overburdened with some hard hitting dialogues spoken by various artists. People, especially the fans of Saba Qamar, were anxiously waiting for the first episode of the drama. On Saturday, the first episode of Cheekh was telecasted and it shared an interesting story where two families are shown. One family is of Ushnan Shah, who lives with her father and set mother, their life is shown full of shortcomings. On the other hand, there’s Saba Qamar’s family, which depicts lifestyle of rich people.

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The first episode of Cheekh showcased the bond between 3 friends i.e. Saba Qamar, Azekah Daniel and Ushna Shah. In the wedding of Azekah Daniel, Ushna Shah meets an accident; she falls from the roof top. To find out what will happen next, you will have to watch the 2nd episode of Cheekh. Noor Hasan is playing the character of Ushna’s father and Bilal Abbas is playing love interest of Ushna Shah. Although their relationship doesn’t go forward in the first episode, they are just shown eyeing each other with fondness. What will come their way will be shown in next episodes.

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Performance wise, Saba Qamar is playing a loud character, who is flamboyant and happy go-lucky big mouthed girl married to her friend’s brother. Ushna Shah plays her character very well and acts believably. Just one thing doesn’t go with her character and entire look i.e. she is shown from a lower middle class family but her dressing and makeup is on point, which raises a few questions about the reality check. Azekah Daniel looks good and performs her part decently.

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Bilal Abbas looks good, just the way “heroes” look i.e. giving cute looks, trying to look cute and posing just the way Hrithik Roshan posing in films like Kabhie Khushi Khabie Ghum and Yaadein. Let’s see if his character will have more to do in upcoming episodes. Aijaz Aslam looks good in a character that will sure have more to do in the drama.

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Cheekh is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, dialogues are okay, nothing to boast about keeping the first episode in focus. Badar Mehmood directed this drama and from the first episode all I can say is that, it’s not one of the best or effective directions, especially the way Ushna’s last shot is directed/edited.

Do share your views on the first episode of Cheekh!

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