Chain Aye Na – A Forced Romantic Musical Missed The Mark

Syed Noor is considered as a reputed name for film-making in Pakistan. He has introduced many actors in his movies like Babar Ali, Resham, Andaleeb, Adnan Sami Khan, Moammar Rana, Jiya Ali and list goes on. This time, with Chain Aye Na, Noor introduces Shahroz Subzwari and Sarish Khan in main leads. It’s is said that Chain Aye Na is the comeback film of Syed Noor in the era where new filmmakers have already proved their mettle with modified techniques and fresher style of storytelling. Will Chain Aye Na be a film that will highlight the essence of filmmaking which an experienced and seasoned director like Syed Noor will pass on as legacy or learning project for upcoming filmmakers? Let’s discover!

Ruba (Sarish Khan) meets Rayyan (Shahro Subzwari) at her friend’s wedding in Lahore; Rayyan falls in love with Ruba instantly and expresses his love for her but Ruba discloses that she is already engaged with Murad (Adil Murad) and he should refrain from such thoughts to materialize. Rayyan challenges Ruba that on the same date he will marry Ruba and come to Karachi soon. What happens next is what Chain Aye Na is all about. The story is very common, quite predictable and has a few loopholes as well.

Chain Aye Na sarish Khan 25

Performance wise, Shahroz is strictly okay. Being launched as a romantic hero, he looks more of a kid. His efforts are seen in multiple places but due to bad script and dialogue the poor lad fails to make a mark. Shahroz has the potential, but if better director would have guided him, it would be a totally different seen. Shahroz is very weak in emotional and dramatic scenes; he should probably work on those sides and select a better director in future. Sarish Khan is a pleasant edition in Pakistani film industry, in terms of looks sans performance. She looks good in a few scenes. Whereas performance is concerned, her character being a pivotal one doesn’t offer her much – again credit goes to weak dialogues.

Chain Aye Na 1

Adil Murad looks good but he has limited screen presence in the film i.e. 8 – 9 scenes along with a song. Sobia Khan is in the film to recall the usual elements of Syed Noor’s films which are glamour and dancing on sleazy songs. Mustafa Qureshi and Nadeem being legends are not smartly utilized as they are given with weak and weird dialogues.

Editing of Chain Aye Na is below average. Framing is also out, plus the narrative is anything but crisp or tight. When an experienced filmmaker is making a film there are a lot of hopes from that as seniors are torch-bearers for budding talent but Syed Noor fails show his aesthetics and superiority as filmmaker. Songs are average but too many! In 70 minutes there are 6 songs as if after every 10 minute a song is forced in the film.

Chain Aye Na Sarish Khan

The climax of the film is very abrupt, amateurish and a total miss in terms of direction, execution, dialogues and acting. It doesn’t look like that the film will be able to do any business worth discussing as the shows of Chain Aye Na have hardly any occupancy.

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