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Bun Ka Baap – Bun Kabab Specialists Of Karachi

Karachi is the city of lights and good food. It is impossible to survive for any eatery if the quality of the food misses the point. Thankfully, there’s a new player in the food market of Karachi with the name of Bun Ka Baap. Bun Ka Baap opened up its first outlet in Chota Bukari in Karachi. Prior to this Bun Ka Baap was serving through kiosks and its kitchen at SMCHS.

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The specialty of BKB is that it offers, to start with, additional 5 different flavors of Bun Kababs. These flavors include;

  • Tikka
  • Bihaari
  • Chapli
  • Double Chapli
  • Shaami
  • Daal Anda

In Karachi, no one is serving these varieties of Bun Kababs. BKB is a very unique brand for Bun Kabab lovers and with the kind of taste and quantity which these young entrepreneurs are offering, the food is loved and appreciated by all who were present at the launch of Bun Ka Baap.

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There were bloggers, food critics and even celebrities who graced their presence at the soft launch of the food brand. It’s an open air, dhaba style place where you can chill with friends and have a quality time in the evening. Prior to coming in Karachi, the founder of Bun Ka Baap Mr. Zain Mukhi ran the business model in Malaysia while pursuing his higher studies and according to him it was a success there.

Bun Ka Baap - Zain Mukhi

Zain Mukhi

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We wish that even in Karachi BKB manages to pull larger audience as they are planning to open up more branches and franchises throughout Karachi. Go and enjoy good bun kababs at BKB.

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The soft launch event got trended in Pakistan and Karachi for hours, it became the talk of the town. Digital PR was handled by Buzz Magick.

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