Bride Celebrates After Party At McDonalds After Her Wedding

It won’t be wrong to say that food is everyone’s first love. After all, in this entire world everything is linked with food and hunger; right? There are many brands which are loved by people based on their taste and USP. But we hardly come across to food brands which have huge influence on people. Recently an interesting incident took place which is quite unusual, focusing on Pakistani society. It actually falls under multiple hashtags like #BrandGoals (because the brand has managed to gain such a significant role), #CoupleGoal (as this couple will be one of the kind) and #WeddingGoals (wait till you read it all).

Just after the Nikkah (wedding) ceremony, for the love of food and acquired taste, Munawal Javed (the Bride) along with Zubair (the Groom) headed to the McDonald’s to fulfill her craving for the McDonalds. This is interesting, isn’t it? There aren’t many cases like this one, or can you recall any like this (do share with us). They were both dressed in the same attire which they had on for their Wedding, it was a sight and the staff of McDonald’s Pakistan also enjoyed it.

It is shared that it was the bride’s dream to have McDonalds meal right after her wedding and her groom fulfilled it. That’s definitely a plus for #CoupleGoals. It is amazing to see that any brand is loved by its customer to such a level that they tend to take such steps on their big day.

Even McDonald’s have shared it on the page mentioning it to be the OMG-Moment and things to happen at the McDonalds outlet. This is one of a kind example. Such things happen in fairy tales, no? This bride has definitely lived her Mc Fairy Tale at McDonalds on her wedding day with her companion.

If you have your #McDonaldsWeddingGoals then do share with us, we might arrange a good meal and setting for you. Do share your entries!