Boycott Khaadi v/s I Support Khaadi What Is Your Stance?

Khaadi is one of the most favorite brands of Pakistan. Its fabric quality and latest designs have always been praised. Recently a hashtag of #BoycottKhaadi has left us all in surprise. The brand came in limelight when a few days back; people started gathering and protesting outside their MM Alam Road outlet.

khaadi 2

Khaadi has been alleged of terminating 32 employees just before the start of Ramadan. The reason that has been heard from workers is that they have demanded fair increase in their wages and better working environment. Workers have reported that their minimum pay is less than what is set by government legally i.e. Rs.14,000/- PKR. They said that the working conditions there are extremely poor. Workers are treated very badly and even like slaves. One female worker has tried to commit suicide (by drinking petrol outside the working place) as she was fired without any solid reason.

That’s why many protesters and even right activist groups gathered outside Khaadi and demanded increase in wages and re-employment of the fired ones. Recently, social media has also become very active regarding this issue. Hashtag of #BoycottKhaadi has also become very popular and can be seen at the end of every tweet and post. People are saying that they will boycott the brand this Eid due to their mistreatment with the workers. This protest can even turn into the nationwide boycott of Khaadi and it will surely cause huge loss to the famous brand.

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On the other hand many people are saying that this is utter nonsense and hence another hashtag i.e. #ISupportKhaadi has also become viral. The working environment of Khaadi is being praised that it is just spectacular and workers are given every facility there.

So what do you think?

“Is this protest just a conspiracy against this famous brand to make them look guilty before Eid and deprive them of the profit?

Or you think

“Khaadi is the actual culprit?”

Do share your feedback.

The brand has released a statement in which they have denied the termination of workers and they have said that the suicide story is completely baseless. This entire scheme was just to harm the reputation of Khaadi.

Well, whether you Boycott Khaadi or Support Khaadi, its entirely up to you! Just confirm the facts and do what seems right to you. And don’t forget to put the hashtag of your decision.

Let’s see Khaadi is able to handle this issue or not.