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Blame Game Won’t Take You Any Further – Time To End Naadaniyan

It looks like a few Pakistani filmmakers have taken some kind of oath to not to accept the flaws in their filmmaking and have no intentions to learn from their mistakes. A few filmmakers, those who cannot impress their audience with their cheap-sleaze films, are finding avenues to vent-out their anger and incompetence no matter if that platform is suitable for ranting or not. Are they really too much self-driven or sore losers? Well, I leave that up to you do decide.

Recently, at the trailer launch of an upcoming Pakistani film, after showcasing the trailer the team asked from another filmmaker to share his opinion and out of nowhere that turned out to be a platform for his rants and the 2-movies old crybaby started to say things like:

“Good movies are bashed by bloggers and if you face that don’t be disheartened”

and the most interesting fact is that no one, I repeat, NO ONE came up with a bad review of that trailer. This proves that no one thrashes anything that offers something good.

“They (bloggers) don’t know how difficult it is for us (filmmakers) to make films and we are suffering from so many challenges and facilities”

Well, the filmmaker couldn’t come up with even a slightest rational supporting point to make his point clear. As compared to 90’s and 2000’s Pakistani film industry is now blessed with better technology, greater facilities and heavy budgets as well. It takes a good idea which can turn the table along with good directors and actors with better and original scripts. Which facility and what challenges Mr. Filmmaker  were you talking about? The whining director must have lost it. No matter wherever you go, a good film is one which ignites the interest in its audience and is gripping. Unluckily, most Pakistani filmmakers are insistent about budgets and not content.

He also added that

“These bloggers will not appreciate the efforts”

Why would someone appreciate crap in any given circumstance? Why do most filmmakers want reviewers, critics and audience to pronounce “Shit” as “Honey”? This is quite lame from their end. Isn’t it? A bad film is a bad film whether it is from Hollywood, Bollywood or Pakistani film industry.

It’s a job of a critic to highlight what’s wrong in a film and what’s good. If these reviewers and critics won’t be taking their jobs and responsibilities seriously there won’t be any development in the films of Pakistan. And today we are shown films like Sawaal 700 Crore Dollars Ka, Raasta, Teri Meri love story, Chalay Thay Saath and many more. It’s because of some reviewers and critics that filmmakers notice their flaws and shortcomings from a different perspective.

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It’s an international practice to review movies and reviews are out on the day films release on digital platforms. The filmmaker might not have the exposure to international market else he wouldn’t have breathed a word on those lines too.

Plus, there was another misconception which the filmmaker had i.e. he thought that reviewers and critics do injustice to the films as they are invited to the premieres and write bad (read: genuine reviews). The filmmaker must realize that a professional film critic and reviewer does not need a free ticket for premiere, they can watch the film on their own and review the film. There are many film critics who buy movie ticket from their own pocket and then review movie. Smell the coffee!

There are still some filmmakers who don’t listen and understand to what reviewers are saying and they keep on making films like Chain Aye Na, Tum He Ho, Shor Sharaba and others. They will definitely face the music and later on whine as well. The bottom line is, stop bluffing and making your audience a fool in the name of “Revival of Pakistani Cinema” or “Support Pakistani Film”. One can support Pakistani film but no one can support crap.

Hope this makes sense.

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