3 Adorable Colors To Give Your Personality A “Wow Factor”

Girls love to clothe themselves, and clothe themselves real good! Their sense of deciding for exceptional yet adorned clothing is phenomenal. Let alone the style, even the color and accessories is something which many crave to follow.

While which clothes to wear is known by many, what color tone to follow is something many think over. And one can’t simply show to the world, if you get what is mean here… eh.

MediaMagick would like to open you up with colors which according to celebrities will always look adorable and give you a WOW factor!


White has a not-so-cocky attitude but it seems to be bragging about saying, “I don’t mind being open to the world, just make sure to clean yourself with soap”.

3 Adorable Colors To Give Your Personality A "Wow Factor"

  • White makes the best, wherever you go. It will be ideal to be white from top to bottom. Flavored black on it will be rock on!
  • White looks phenomenal with spectacular blue and shades of gray.
  • And what’s best to add limelight and becoming incomparable from others is by wearing a white coat. The next-door Ray-ban will make you look like a Bollywood Star.
  • So much for some white outfits, if you can’t even make one, try for some additional accessory such as a white bag or shoes. These looks simply stylish, believe me.

Kareena Kapoor In White DressAalia Bhatt In White Dress


The color of love, dare and emitting luxury; red brings the best in any woman.

deepiak-padukone-in-red-dressShraddha Kapoor in red dress

  • When deciding to wear red, make sure that everything is heads on! Try to fix your hair, skin and makeup in the best possible way.
  • Black with red, uh, too dramatic! Why not go for warm colors like brown or beige? These will make you look stunning.
  • Make sure that your outerwear red is plain. Don’t mix and match it with elements of different color.

Ashwariya Rai in red dressKareena Kapoor Khan in red Dress


Mahira Khan in blue dress

A professional look to carry on for ages, blue is the color depicting sensual “luxurious” appearance. Not to forget the elegance and grace the color provides to the fortunate.

  • Uppers made from thick woolen fabric goes well with jeans or skirts.
  • You might have not noticed but wearing dark blue actually makes you look relatively slimmer. Huh? What did I just say? It’s true.
  • And a spark of red or black accessory will be ideal!

Priyanka Chopra in Blue dress Amisha Patel in blue dress