Befikre – Not A Carefree But A Careless Attempt

DDLJ is considered as the cult-classic by the kids of 90’s and they cannot hear a word against the protagonists of the movie i.e. Raj and Simran. With the huge success of DDLJ, Aditya Chopra became one of the most prominent filmmakers of Bollywood. What followed after, as director, was his sheer luck and a good casting sense, including Mohabbatein which featured Amitabh Bachchan, the star of the millennium and heartthrob of millions Shahrukh Khan. Unfortunately Aditya Chopra’s 3rd attempt Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi received below average to mixed reviews from classes and masses. This time, with new cast and new approach Aditya Chopra is back in the business after 8 years with Befikre. Befikre is all about being carefree and features Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in pivotal characters. Let’s see what Befikre has in store for its viewers.

Dharam (Ranveer Sing) is a standup comedian settled in Paris with his roots from Delhi. On his first day in Paris, Dharam accidentally meets Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) a French born Indian girl – with zero-Indian-ness in her. Chemistry sparks up between both the carefree souls and on an “I Dare You” incident their friendship cum lust-filled relationship starts which leads to a living relationship which lasts for a year almost. They break up exactly after a year when Dharam calls Shyra a “slut” and the distraught girl walks away from his life. From then both the protagonists cross each other’s ways and end up becoming comforting friends. One day Shyra is proposed by Anya (Armaan Ralhan) and she shares this with Dharam, in return he announces his engagement with Christine (Julie Ordon). What happens next is what Befikre is all about.


Befikre is one of the lousiest attempts by Aditya Chopra, worse than Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, in terms of making sense, originality and entertainment factor. Befikre is a mix bag of movies like Neel n Nikki, Band Baaja Baraat, Love Me If You Dare, Cocktail and Midnight In Paris. Plus, the main focus on on-screen kissing and detaching from culture and roots are the most disturbing elements of the film. If that too is acceptable for a moment then why is there a need to bring back the “Indian-ness” and cultural value in the climax? This makes it even weird and complexed. It looks like Aditya Chopra wanted to add steaminess to his image and make a film for Emraan Hashmi’s fans wrapped in Yash Chopra’s banner.


Vaani Looks hot, vivacious and gorgeous. Her acting escalated to a different level as compared to Shudh Desi Romance. Ranveer Kapoor is in his comfort zone, as he has pulled off quite a few charracters like Dharam in his career – so performance wise Ranveer is good but a little repeated in most sequences. Armaan leaves a strong impression; he is dapper, cool and very fit.


Befikre is a unenthusiastic attempt to stir the emotional chords. There are literally stupid scenes which aren’t expected from a certain class of people living in Paris like the Karaoke scenes and immediately what happens after that, the climax is a bit too odd and absurd based on the kind of reaction portrayed.  The movie will only work because of the star-power and brand name else there’s nothing much to offer other than kissing sessions, dare-you sequences and making out for the desperate audience.

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