Baaghi Has Nothing Much To Offer But Is Enjoyable

This episode was truly a reality check to Fauzia. All the dreams she had seen about being married to Abid have been drowned. She has realized that the promises of Abid for permitting her to fulfill her wishes were just false hopes to marry her. After the birth of her son, she changed a lot but she could not forget her desire to fly high.

On the other hand, Abid has started an affair with some other girl who is just using him for money. This year brought a lot of surprises to Fauzia but her taunting mother-in-law and even her flirt husband could not snatch away the dreams in her eyes. What shows a different aspect of Fauzia the scene where she was seen teaching her brother and helping him in studying. But here is a big blooper too I guess as in the initial episode, Fauzia was seen complaining to her mother for not letting her study.

So here is a big confusion about her educational status. The best thing about tonight’s episode was Fauzia’s conversation with herself. How she reminded herself of all her dreams and goals. She also decided to give her child everything she could not get and give him a better future. The reaction of Fauzia on her husband’s disloyalty was also covered flawlessly and was up to mark. How her helplessness was showing on her face despite heart filled with anger.

Till now Baaghi has not so much different to offer but the story is still enjoyable. Saba Qamar has acting perfectly and she has shown that she can play any role with perfection. But how Ali Qazmi has acted is commendable. He has managed very well to show typical rural mindset. Overall this episode was a good fun package.

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