Baaghi Finally Pacing Up With 4th Episode

After the repetition of same scenario in past episodes, the story has finally speeded up. Till now we were only watching the male centered thinking of rural areas and the care free nature of Fauzia. How she aims big despite all the circumstances. But finally there was something different to watch like the character of Choudhry Saab. So far he was the only man who took the side of Fauzia and declared openly that you can’t force a girl to marry a man she does not like.

Fauzia despite her bold nature looked somewhat sensible in this episode. Instead of running away with Abid, she went to Choudary Saab and took the right step. The acting of Nadia Afghan was on the spot. She has presented her character very well but the scenes of Fauzia’s brother and his wife are getting unnecessary. So finally Fauzia has succeeded in getting the permission of all for marrying Abid. My most favorite scene of this episode was the engagement one.

The reaction of Abid’s mother was so typical. It was very clear that she hated the nature and likes of Fauzia and she knew it very well. But still Fauzia managed to smile in front of her. So this episode was very pleasing in contrast to the previous ones. Saba Qamar has again proved that no one can compete with her in acting. She has done flawless job. Every actor has succeeded in presenting a perfect concept of rural thinking. The preview was exciting as well in which Abid will show his true face to Fauzia.

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