Baaghi Episode 3 – It’s Becoming Predictable And Plain

There were a lot of highs and lows in the 3rd episode of Baaghi. In the whole episode we could see how Fauzia thinks that she will live her life according to her own wishes. She will not spend her life like all other girls in the village. Her dreams know no limits despite immense pressure by her family and other people.

Now Fauzia has been engaged to Sajjid against her will. Sajjid has been shown as a characterless and lazy person who is notorious for his flirt nature. Fauzia is extremely angry on this decision of his family but despite every try, she is not able to stand against their decision. Even she got slapped by her brother when she resisted against his will and she could not do anything about it.

On the other hand, Abid seems to be really interested in Fauzia as well. But she only agrees to marry him on the condition the he will not stop her from achieving his goal to become an actress and model. She agrees because she thinks that Abid is far more liberal than Sajjid and she can live a better life with him.

Abid even sent his mother with proposal but Fauzia’s mother insulted her and rejected the proposal by saying that Fauzia is already engaged and is going to get married soon. So far now, despite her all efforts Fauzia is not being able to get rid of Sajjid but she is determined to marry Abid. Although Saba Qamar has played this role brilliantly but the element of suspense is extremely missing in Baaghi.

All the characters in Baaghi have played their roles very well. Especially how the setup and getup of rural areas has been adopted is commendable. But the characters seem to be very plain without any hideous nature so it’s very easy to predict what is going to happen next. In preview, Fauzia has run away on the day of her marriage and Abid has been caught as culprit.

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