Avengers Age Of Ultron: Movie Review

Movie lovers were not even over with Furious 7 and with a bang enters Avengers Age Of Ultron in theaters. That’s quite overwhelming for the audiences. Avengers Age Of Ultron is one of the most anticipated movies, for the last 3 years (after the release of Avengers), every fan of Marvel and entertainment oriented cinema is waiting for this particular franchise to hit the screen and create massive box office chaos. Will the movie actually meet the expectations of its audience and fans? Will Avengers Age Of Ultron will be as successful as the earlier enterprise? Let’s explore and dissect the grand release of 2015 i.e. Avengers Age Of Ultron.

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As any Avengers fan can expect the second installment starts from a heavy dosed action scene stuffed with huge guns, smart knockouts and great chase; trying to take down HYDRA and obtain the powerful wand of Loki. But things aren’t as smooth as they thought a gang of “enhanced-beings” i.e. Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver look forward to mess with them. The team Avengers finds it difficult to cope up and then HULK stands alone to smash the baddies and embraces triumph for his mates (remember how Hulk smashed Loki is previous enterprise, in this he’s much wild). Now, that’s much of a spoiler, I suppose, for die-hard fans of Avengers series. All in all, the entire plot of The Avengers Age Of Ultron, revolves around the fight between good and evil; where all the mighty characters like strong headed business man Iron Man, King of Asgard Thor, the mighty green man with softest heart The Hulk, America’s hope Captain America Hawkeye and Black widow combine together to fight against the wicked Ultron. Whatever happens then is a must watch for movie lovers, especially for those who liked Avengers.

When it comes to performances, Avengers Age Of Ultron is a collection of great actors who are smartly blessed with great one liners, great emotional outburst and stunts that are hard to believe. Robert Downey Jr. is top-notch with his witty dialogues supported by great expressions. Mark Ruffalo performs beautifully, with his character one can sense innocence, complexity and rage – quite a heavy task and he manages that remarkably.

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The surprise element in Avengers Age Of Ultron is Chris Hemsworth because he beautifully sprinkles comical skills on his character and they appear on the screen very well. Chris Evans is as usual, same old citizen of quite old America – but impresses in bits.

Avengers Age Of Ultron: Superheroes Fleet

In order to stand up right and be noticed it is not an easy task. The voice of Ultron (James Spader) gives his character a fantastic height. Round of applause to that!

Avengers Age Of Ultron

Direction wise, Joss Whedon excels and out shines his earlier enterprises. Joss comes with great writing this time, better than the previous ones. Although, there are points when audience demanded more of a story than just chaotic, inspiring action sequences.

Avengers Age Of Ultron has it all, tale of morality, romance, awesome stunts, great fight sequences along with witty one-liners. It’s a sure shot entertainer and box office release that will face shattering box office success.

Do watch the post credits scenes, don’e leave theater in any hurry, you’ll be surprised!

Rating 3.5/5

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