Another Disastrous Trailer Is Out – Tum Hi Ho

Madam Sangeeta, as they call her, is back in the business after a long time with her new movie Tum Hi Ho. This film features Danish Taimoor, Saajid Hassan, Mathira, Sangeeta, Quratul Ain and others. Let’s see what the movie is all about and what does its trailer offer to the viewers.

Trailer Tum Hi Ho

The trailer is anything but interesting or visually pleasant. The mediocre cinematography, below average dialogues and crappy songs are enough to make one realize that the movie has nothing of quality to offer.

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Trailer is the key to attract viewers to pay for the tickets and watch the movie in cinema, I don’t find anyone would feel even a smallest fraction of interest and will go to watch Tum Hi Ho. Those who are fans of item numbers and Mathira’s cheap moves might go and watch it for her sake; else the film has zilch value.


Danish Taimoor looks too forced to act and looks fatigued in every frame in the trailer. Quratul Ain is unimpressive and Sajid Hassan overacts in one scene which is added in the trailer. Mathira is just a show-piece for obvious reasons i.e. being bold and nothing of value to offer – that’s it. Dialogues are weakest; I don’t know why such weird dialogues are penned for a feature film.


Music doesn’t make any vibe and choreography is cheap to vulgar. One can add sexiness and huge oomph factor, there is no harm in it, but overdoing it and bad shoot make it look like the songs of Tum Hi Ho. Not at all noteworthy trailer, it’s again a trashy attempt which will be featured as “Revival of Pakistan Cinema” – this revival is going adverse, literally.

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Here is what people are saying about the trailer of Tum Hi Ho. Read it and decide yourself.


So what’s your take on the trailer of Tum Hi Ho?