Alif Allah Aur Insaan Still Has Its Grip Intact

It was very intense and interesting episode. The beauty of this drama serial is that it has not lost its pace like many other Hum Tv serials. Everything is concluding in a very proper way and on time. So Baba Jee was there once again to rescue Shahzeb from getting upset by his thoughts.

He finally faced the truth he spoked to Nazneen despite all the fears. Qadir has proved his loyalty to Malik Hashmat by telling him everything about the plan of Nazneen. It was pity to see Basit going through all the insult because of Nazneen’s childish decisions. He proved that he will not disobey his father by refusing to take a stand for Nazneen which put her in great shock.

Just like Shahzeb, Nazneen has also lost everything just because of their pride. Nazneen is not realizing yet that all this is because she has hurted the feelings of Shammo. Let’s see she will come across Shammo in coming episodes or not. So Reena Beghum is not repenting on her decision with each passing day but she can’t do anything about it. It was her own decision to live like Nigar Beghum so she can’t blame anyone now. She had a way out of this miserable life but she again ran after the dream of money.

So even she has got all the wealth now she seems even more miserable and helpless like a trapped soul. Her conscious is continuously blaming her in the form of Nigar Beghum about what she had done to reach at this place. Now when she has come to know that what a courtesan does, she can’t do anything about it except facing her new life.

Nazneen despite the anger of her parents went to meet Basit again to confront him. She blamed him for not taking a stand for her and state him a liar and coward. Her helpless condition was clearly stated on her face. But still her love for Basit was not that convincing to emerge the sympathies in viewers. She just seems like a stubborn person who wants everything she likes.

So everything about this drama serial is getting brilliant with each episode. The dialogues, screenplay, direction and acting; everything is flawless. Shehzad Sheikh and Kubra Khan have done excellent work in this episode. Ushna Shah has also done her role very well as usual. Kindly share your views with us about this episode.

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