Alif Allah Aur Insaan – Review

Each year Hum TV brings some special drama serials for its viewers. This year too they have not disappointed the audience and have come with a very unique drama serial Alif Allah aur Insaan. It is a novel based drama. It is being tremendously loved by people due to its different story and amazing cast. Till now 6 episodes have been released.

The story written by Qasira Hayat is based on 5 different families which are somehow interlinked with each other. First main character is Rani (Ushna Shah). She has played the role of a beggar perfectly. The dressing, way of speaking and body language all depict Ushna’s extremely talented acting. Rani’s family is extremely poor and their only means of earning is begging.

Ushna Shah Alif Allah Aur Insaan

Second main character is Shammo (Imran Ashraf) who has acted as a eunuch. He rejected the life which he was forced to live. Rani mocked him due to his work so he decided to earn money by working hard. Third family is of Malik Saab who has 2 daughters Nazneen (Kubra Khan) and Yasmeen. The role of their mother is played by Aini Zaidi. Yasmeen is married to Sohail who is a friend of Shahzeb (Meekal Zulfiqar). Last family is that of Qadir Ali (Noor Ul Hassan) who is household manager of Malik Saab. He forces his son Basit (Shehzad Sheikh) to help in the arrangement of marriage of Yasmeen.

Kubra Khan Alif Allah Aur Insaan

The story started with Rani who is a very powerful character. She refuses to do the usual begging job and ran off to the Nigar Begum (Sana Fakhar) who has played the role of courtesan. Rani without knowing the intensity of Nigar’s work ran to her in the dream of getting money. There she slowly realized that this place is not a good one. Girls are forced to dance there. Now rani has realized her mistake but she is trapped there.

Negar begum is deeply in love with Shahzeb after seeing him when he came to watch her dance forcefully by his friends. She proposed her but he rejected by insulting her that her work is shameful in view of society. Negar begum is saddened by his behavior. Shahzeb on the other hand is in love with Nazneen whom he has seen in Sohail’s wedding.

Sana Fakhar Alif Allah Aur Insaan

He sends proposal to her parents which they accept happily. But later Nazneen rejects the proposal due to her wish to study further by going to another city. But Shahzeb agrees on her terms and delays the marriage so that she could complete her studies. Nazneen agrees but she is not at all interested in Shahzeb. She refuses her calls and does not respond to him with the same intentions.

Shammo’s character is also a very strong as Imran has acted very well. He started working in a barber shop who trained Shammo about all his work. Later he sends him to one of his student who has opened a ladies spa. Now Shammo has become Shammi and he has started getting famous. The reason behind his change of thoughts was Rani who made him realize that his work with eunuchs is not appropriate. So he left home and started working hard.

Until now, Alif Allah Aur Insaan is very interesting and pleasing. There are a lot of characters and each one has played their roles very well. But Ushna Shah and Imran Asharf have stood out of all due to their amazing and flawless acting. The way they have adopted their characters is worth applause. On the other hand, the acting of Kubra Khan is a little bit weak. She has not played the role very well and her acting is the same with no charm. Shahzeb’s character has also been performed efficiently but Basit has won this time because Shehzad has played the character very well. Sana is just perfect to her role. Her acting and way of speaking is just up to the point.

So far Alif Allah Aur Insaan seems to be a huge success. Different story plots and sets keep the audience engaged and it is directed very well.