Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 7 Review

No doubt, every episode of this Alif Allah Aur Insaan serial till now is absolutely phenomenal. The director has displayed the story with amazing talent. He has made the actors to do the best by beautifully applying the script too. In 7th episode, the story is slowly revealing of how all characters are connected together still.

This episode was mostly focused on Rani who has now become Reena Begum. She was locked in a dark cell by orders of Nigar Begum who saw Rani listening to her talk with Chaman begum. Nigar got jealous when the dance master praised Rani for her dancing talent. Now Rani is repenting for her bad decision of coming here. She became terrified and started crying along with thinking about her mother. Ushna Shah has surely given outclass performance in this emotional episode.

Rani realizes that she has become trapped in Nigar’s realm due to her greed and now there is no way out. She also heard the conversation of some other girls there. They were talking about how helpless they have become here and their hearts have become empty and broken. How Nigar begum has reached to this level by exploiting others and Rani has made a huge mistake by deliberately coming here. The scene where Rani was watching people from behind the iron window was clearly depicting her situation. As Rani has now become trapped by her wrong choice. Now let’s see Nigar’s behavior will become soft and exceptional for Rani or not. Or Rani will spend the entire life in this misery.

On the other plot, Nazneen has started developing interest in Basit. But her action was entirely against her personality as she seems to be moody and do what she thinks is right. So now she has developed feelings for Basit due to the opinions of her friends. She has even started hitting on her openly while Basit was still being reserved and in his limits. He reminded Nazneen of her engagement but she keeps on being immature. Now we have to see what changes will appear in Nazneen’s behaviour after her feelings for Basit. Shahzeb has also realized that Nazneen does not share the same love for him but he thought that their marriage will settle down everything.

But most of all the encounter of Shammi and Rani was the best and most awaited scene. Now we are waiting to see that whether Shammi will help Rani in getting freedom from Nigar or he will neglect her. So this episode has depicted the perfection of direction. Ushna Shah has again rocked the screen with her performance. Although, Nazneen’s character looked weak and uninteresting. Promo of next episode also seemed promising. It looks like Basit has also felt something due to Nazneen’s bold talk. Next episode looks quite interesting. Till then share your comments and views about this episode of Alif Allah aur Insan.