The Pace Of Alif Allah Aur Insaan Has Gone Down

Alif Allah Aur Insaan is undoubtedly the best drama. We have been lucky to witness 20 amazing episodes of this wonderful drama, but now the pace of this show has certainly gone down.

This episode had not anything new to offer to the viewers. Although with Basit coming back into Nazneen’s life things are meant to become interesting.

Coming onto the episode, Shahzeb hires Basit as an artist for completion of work of the mosque that he is building. Little does Shahzeb know that by doing this he has created more problems for himself. Basit is in need of money and gets advance money. Basit knew that Shahzeb is Nazneen’s husband & yet he decided to go to Shahzeb and ask him for work. That makes us wonder whether he wants to get in Nazneen’s life somehow.

Nazneen is unsure of what is happening in her life. She definitely is happy to see Basit coming back in her life and we wonder what her next move will be!

Just like Shammo, Reena’s character has not anything new to offer. Reena is living the life she desired but it won’t be long till she gets a reality check.

With some new characters being introduced, the makers are probably trying to drag the show for some more episodes. We hope that Alif Allah Aur Insaan ends on a good note as it has been a treat to watch.

Lastly coming onto the performances, I must say that Imran Ashraf has impressed me the most. He has done full justice to the role that he has got. Ushna is doing fine too. We love Mikaal Zulfiqar and Shehazad Sheikh as Shahzeb and Basit respectively and lastly Kubra Khan has done a great job by making us hate Nazneen a lot.

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