Alif Allah Aur Insaan – Entire Team Deserves Appreciation

Alif Allah Aur Insaan is getting interesting and enjoyable day by day. Unlike other dramas, many twists have been preserved that are revealed with each passing episode. So we really hope that it keep on maintaining its standard and do not become dull and dragged like many other Hum TV serials.

On the confrontation of Malik Hashmat, Shahze was left with no option than to admit his mistake. But he was shocked that how Nazneen has spoiled his image by using his truth against him. He could only say yes as Malik Hashmat was not ready to listen anything out of his anger. So finally Nazneen’s plan has been revealed and it is working very well. She knew that her father will call off their wedding on hearing such news. She then used Qadir and Basit by tricking them. She requested Basit to save her father’s reputation and Qadir being so loyal could not refuse her.

Rani on the other hand has become Reena Beghum officially. But now she has come to realize what price Nigar was paying to earn such sort of money. It was hard to believe that even after spending so much time in Nigar’s company, she was still unaware what she was doing. But Rani could not complain as this path has been selected by herself. She has realized that she has done a huge mistake again and her respect has been completely crushed and this will continue to happen with each performance.

Qadir Ali finally gathered his courage and presented the proposal of his son in front of Malik Hashmat. Till now Nazneen has played her role very well and her plan is working fully. But there is a huge possibility that her plan can become opposite and go against her.

So this episode was phenomenal as well. The director, writer and all the actors of Alif Allah Aur Insaan deserve a special applause on playing their roles perfectly. Ushna Shah has again performed very well but the role of a courtesan was better played by Sana Fakhar. Kubra Khan’s acting was also up to the mark. Although the scenes of Imran Ashraf are really being missed. The preview seems to be very interesting too. If you have watched this episode then do share your comments with us.

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