Alif Allah Aur Insaan – Episode 13 Review

Each episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan brings a surprise for us. This drama is full of twists and turns that you cannot turn your eyes away from screen even for a second. Every character is slowly unfolding itself and viewers are engaging with this serial to a great extent. In the initial track, the conversation between Basit and Qadir was shown which shows the bond of respect between son and father.

Qadir’s talk was clearly showing the fear and doubts he has towards Basit. But when Basit lied to him, he became composed and relaxed. On the other hand, Nazneen definitely seems to be plotting something evil. She is not a girl who leaves her wishes so easily. It was very confusing when Nazneen stops Basit from telling his parents about their relation. Although if there would be any other girl she must be happy with her relation being official but I guess Nazneen knows that this is not going to be easy that’s why she has planned her steps before hand.

I must say the conversation of Baba jee is getting more exciting with each episode. His dialogues seem to be so striking to the soul. His advises completely relates to every character in the drama. After the demise of Nigar Beghum, instead of mourning, Chaman Beghum handled everything perfectly. She even agrees to make Rani the next queen after consulting with Ustad sahab.

So once again Rani was standing on a path with two options. Either she could choose her family and dignity or she could chase her dreams. It was so heart wrenching to see how Rani once again rejected the love of Shammi and chose money over dignity. Shammi warned him again and again but she seems to be totally blind. She has finally got what she wanted that is the realm of Nigar Beghum. Shahzeb was both happy and confused that’s why Nazneen has agreed to marry him despite knowing his truth. It is because Nazneen is planning something to marry Basit instead of Shahzeb.

Though every actor has done amazing job but the way Ushna Shah has depicted the changing avatar of Rani was phenomenal. Imran Ashraf’s acting was once again flawless. Along with the story and acting, real beauty of this drama is hidden in minor details which make it worth watching. Preview is engaging as well because there is a lot of suspense what is going to happen with Basit in the next episode. Share your views with us and let us know what you like in this episode.

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