Alif Allah Aur Insaan 10th Episode Review

This episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan was quite a surprise because it was a long episode that has unfolded many new aspects of the characters. Baba jee is redirecting Shahzeb to the right path. Now Nazneen’s ignorance does not affect him that much. He seems more calm and composed. Nazneen has forced him to think that he should not expect same love and care from her. So now he looks little indifferent on seeing Nazneen’s rudeness.

Nazneen on the other hand is madly in love with Basit. She wore the same dress that Basit has bought for his sister. She wore it in front of all on the occasion of Eid. Basit’s sister heard all about Nazneen’s intentions that why she is wearing that dress. She reminds his brother that this relation will not end in good result and that he should be careful.

Nazneen is stick to her stubbornness. She seems unable to view this situation from Basit’s prespective. How he will be humiliated due to the difference between their statuses. Though Nazneen’s wore the dress gifted by Shahzeb when his family came to meet her but it was only because of the pressure of her mother. She again seemed reluctant and uninterested.

Well! Nigar begum crossed her limits by getting Fizza Bai murdered. Rani saw the murder and she could not tell anyone. Nigar begum has also come to know that Rani is aware of her doing. Chaman begum on the other hand informed Nigar behgum that Rani already knows Shammi and she wants to become Nigar begum which infuriated her more.

The favourite part of the episode was again Shammi’s flawless acting. It was very heartwarming to see her celebrate Eid with Nargis and how he promised to help her on regular basis. He helped all beggars on his way back. He even found Guddi and gets all the information about Rani’s family. It was very touching to see that Shammi has not only become successful but he is still the same humble loving person from inside. He informs Rani that she can’t go back to her home because her father wants to kill her so Rani is feeling that she has become stuck here forever.

So this episode was another interesting one that shows that perfection in writing, direction and acting. Not a single scene was boring or out of order so overall it was fun to watch it. Imran Ashraf was as usual star of the show. How he has adopted his character is flawless. Ushna Shah has also pleased the audience with her acting. Now let’s see who wins in the fight of Rani and Nigar begum and whether Rani will succeed in running away or not.