Meet Adeel Hanif The Pride Of Pakistan And Trending Hashtag Too

It’s so overwhelming when you witness someone from the roots of the city like Karachi (aka the city of lights) to reach to the level of sky-high success in the face of Adeel Hanif, a young boy from Lyari who has become the football sensation with hard work and dedication. The boy is very talented and blessed with brilliance in every move. Adeel Hanif is promoted and supported by one of the most prominent food chains McDonald’s and one should appreciate all the brands and corporate businesses which are supporting in bringing the talent out from Pakistan’s every corner and giving them a platform that is of international worth and value. It’s such a good move.

Adeel Hanif – The Young Football Sensation

Today, on Twitter, everyone is talking about #AdeelHanif (follow this hashtag) and in Pakistan his name is trending at the very first position on the Twitter Panel. Now that’s another achievement by the digital team who made an effort to let the world and others from Pakistan know about this young football sensation. Adeel Hanif has gone to Doha and is now all set to go beyond, that’s what McDonald’s claim with the tag line i.e.

“Lyari, Doha and Beyond”

Here is what everyone has shared in their Tweets; give these tweets a look as well!

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