6 Types Of Friends Everyone Has

Friends are blessing in disguise. Everyone has a good number of friends with whom they talk their hearts out and discuss their problems. There are many movies which are made on friendship and viewers have actually loved those films. Whether it’s India or Pakistan, viewers like to watch films on friendships. There are different types of friends which are found in groups, every friend has their own and distinctive trait. The characteristics of their personalities make them different and prominent from other.

Here are 6 types of friends which are found in almost every friend circle. We have compiled the following 6 types of friends from Wajahat Rauf’s “Karachi Se Lahore“. Watch this video and if you have friends with such attributes and characteristics then share with your friends and let them know that how cool and different they are.

If you had a laugh or if you can recall any of your friends who genuinely fall under these types and categories then do share this with them by tagging them.