5th Episode Of Khan – Review

Khan’s 5th episode on aired a few days back and it looks like things are happening too soon. Before making an impact, things are rushing too fast. Maybe it is because there are so many things to come yet and the story needs to wrap as soon as possible. For instance, death of Aijaz Aslam, entry of Anwar and regaining the grief of Ushna; this all looks very rushed. Anyway, the 5th episode of Khan does have its fair share of interesting elements yet it also drags the episode for no good reason.


After the death of Aijaz Aslam, his brother is all set to take revenge from the killer. On the other hand, Shaista Lodhi thinks that it is Khan who have killed her husband. The scene where she calls him up and tells him that she knows he killed her husband is a forced scene, to be honest, plus it looks unrealistic. Even the scene where some workers from political party visits her home for condolence looks pretty forced, I mean there isn’t any sense of objective of the particular sequence, another forceful addition.



The character of Anwar seems interesting and is carried out very well too. The connection of Khan’s sister with Anwar in another highlight but their conversation could have been well penned. The script of Khan continuously makes one feel that it is not tight and gripping. The star-studded cast seems helpless due to weak content and script. Let’s see what other episodes of Khan unfolds in future, so far it’s just a dull fare with just hype.