5 Pakistani Cinema Disasters In 2016
5 Pakistani Cinema Disasters In 2016

2016 was the crucial year for the Pakistani Cinema. Many movies which were released this year had very tall claims to revive the “Pakistani Cinema” but unfortunately they fell flat on the ground; becoming the laughing stock for the audience and film fraternity. Here are five most disastrous Pakistani films which released in the year 2016. Do have a look at them and share your views.

5 Pakistani Cinema Disasters In 2016

  1. Sawaal 700 Crore Dollars Ka

When the trailer of Sawaal 700 Crore Dollar Ka was launched, it looked quite promising. Even the main lead, Ali Mohiuddin, seemed to have strong screen presence but in the film his performance was below average. Sawaal 700 Crore Dollar Ka is one of those films which doesn’t has the continuity and lacks performance, script, music and even stunts.

  1. Revenge of The Worthless

It looks like Jamal Shah made Revenge Of The Worthless for himself only. The narration had many hiccups; editing is haphazard at some points; however the cinematography is good. As an entire package, Revenge is worthless as it does not leave any mark. I would rate A below average film, and a disappointment from old-timers.

  1. Teri Meri Love Story

teri meri love story 1

Direction of Teri Meri Love Story is amongst the worst ones which Pakistani cinema has witnessed in the last couple of years. The blurry images and “one-frame-acts” make Teri Meri Love Story a visual torture. Jerks in camera work in fight scenes and some others make it look like an amateurish attempt to serve movie on immediate basis before it is fully cooked.

  1. Abdullah

Abdullah is a movie in which you can witness some finest cinematography of the current times but unfortunately the movie fails to impress collectively. The music of Abdullah is below average, apart from “Maula”, no other song can be registered. Script of Abdullah is mediocre with a few good one-liners which are delivered nicely; mostly by Sajid Hasan and Hameed Sheikh. Direction of Abdullah is weak collectively, but it has its fair share of pluses but those can be easily overshadowed by the minuses which the entire Abdullah experience offers to its viewers.

  1. 8969


Direction and script wise 8969 is a tragedy; the camera work is simply bad. The dialogues are weird and without any significance. The script of 8969 is good, and it must have sounded amazing on the paper but the execution of the script is below average. Music of 8969 is hardly notice-able. “Tum Sang Naina Laagay” is played for 4 times in the entire movie, with run-time of 110 minutes.

By the way there are a few other movies which aren’t supposed to fall under the category of “Films”, yet they were released as movies. The result is pathetic. Following are those “Pathetic” movies which released in 2016.

Blind Love


Jeevan Haathi


Do share which movie according to you was a disaster for Pakistani Cinema in 2016.