5 Celeb Moms From Indo-Pak – Happy Mothers Day

It is rightly said that no one can be the substitute of a mother in this whole world. The love and affection that a mother has into her children has no comparison. But it’s not easy being a mother. It takes a lot of sacrifices and courage to put back your happiness and dreams for the sake of your child’s happiness and well-being. A mother is such a person who can take the place of all others but her place can be taken by no one. Although every mother is precious and lovable but some mothers have fulfilled their duties despite such hard time that they have become an example. Such exemplary mothers can be seen in the entertainment industry as well. These celebrities have not only maintained their fame but managed their children with the same dedication. Some of such incredible and strong celeb mothers from Indo-Pak are as follows: 


Sushmita sen celeb moms 1

You know it is always said that a woman is nothing without a man or that she can’t survive and nourish her children without the help of her husband. Well, some women have proved this wrong. One of them is Sushmita Sen. She had the honor of becoming the Miss Universe and after getting the title, she adopted two girls in 2000 and 2010. Their names were Renee and Alisah. She has brought up both of her kids on her own. She has always been an inspiration for others.


Bushra Ansari Mothers day Mediamagick

Bushra Ansari is known as one of the most talented celebrities of Pakistan. She was married to a well-known producer Iqbal Ansari in 1978 but she didn’t give up her dreams. She not only raised her two daughters successfully but also succeeded in her career. Her acting skills are exemplary. Besides acting, she is also praised as an excellent comedian, host, presenter, writer and model. She is still ruling the industry through her powerful personality.


Mahira Khan Mothers Day Mediamagick

Mahira Khan is now considered as a role model for youngsters all over the entertainment industry. She has proved her talent not only in Pakistan but also in India. Despite such hard work, she is raising her son Azlaan all on her own after she got separated from her husband Ali Askari in 2015. She has always believed in independence of women and she has always followed her dreams without fear.


Madhuri Dixit Mothers Day Mediamagick

Madhuri dixit has always been known for her mesmerizing beauty and her excellent acting skills. She has ruled over the Bollywood industry with her elegant personality. She got married to famous cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Shriram Madhav Nene in 1999. After her marriage she became even more vibrant and raised her sons with full dedication. She has appeared on many TV programs and even started her dance app after marriage. Her career has been an example for others.


Raveena Tandon Mothers Day Mediamagick

Raveena tandon set an example for others by adopting two kids Pooja and Chaya. She was only 21 when she adopted them and her career was at its peak. She managed to raise her girls single-handedly. Later, she got married to Anil Thadani and has two children of her own as well. Their names are Ranbir and Rasha. Recently Pooja got married and their lovable pictures are all over the internet.

To conclude, we get a lot of inspiration from such powerful ladies who have managed to do their best both in their personal life as well as in their professional life. Such women deserve special applause for their untiring efforts.