Caucasian woman sleeping in bed
4 Weight Loss Tips to Practice Before You Go to Bed

Whenever people think of weight loss, two words that come to their mind immediately are ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’. Many obese people spend long hours in work outs and follow strict diet plans to get into perfect shape. However, these ways of reducing weight are quite difficult to practice and most people quit them before reaching their desired goals. Fortunately, here we have four effortless ways that can help greatly in cutting down body fat while you sleep:

Turn Down Air Conditioners:


In developed countries, people are habitual of increasing temperatures of their thermostat during cold weathers. Doing this, actually prevent their body from synthesizing Brown Fat, i.e. a specific kind of adipose tissue. The main role of brown fat is burning white fat to get energy and keeping body warm. Research shows that young males who sleep in low temperature have higher amount of brown fat than those who sleep in high temperature rooms.

Drink 150 Calorie Protein Shake:


In the past, people used to believe that eating before bed contributes in increasing weight. In contrast, recent researches claim that eating snacks before bed can help in improving metabolism that leads to weight loss. Likewise, a study in the Florida State University showed that drinking 150 calories protein shake 30-60 minutes before going to bed, increases rate of metabolism and helps in decreasing body fat.

Sleep And Wake Up On Time:


The consistent schedule of sleeping is beneficial in many ways. Lately, a research in the Brigham Young University has revealed that the women, who sleep and wake up at the same time every day, weigh less than the women who do not follow a strict routine for sleeping.

Sleep In A Dark Room:


A study published in the Journal of Pineal Research shows that human body produces a particular hormone called ‘melatonin’ in darkness. This hormone helps in producing brown fat. Thus, sleeping in a dark room can ultimately help in reducing weight.

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