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13 Street Food From Karachi That Karachiites Love To Have

I love food, therefore I am! Well, this is true and quite evident too once you meet me in person. I get turned off if I don’t find tasty and yummy food when hungry. Being a Karachi’ite, I have a very strong connection with food, especially street food. We can easily find street food in Karachi, without getting any complex with Lahore. Karachi offers the most authentic and amazing street food in Pakistan hands down. Okay, that’s enough to strike a controversy with Lahoris J Following is a list of just a few street food which are famous in Karachi and given half a chance you’ll all love to devour them all every bit.

  1. Bun Kabab

Street food Bun Kabab Karachi

Bun Kababs are love! I mean how can one stay away from them? Bun Kababs are of multiple kinds, from the “Anday wala burger” to chicken and beef bun kabab; with mayonnaise and without, with chatni or with ketchup etc. By the way the real bun kabab is one with sliced onions, cucumber, tomatoes and chatni; rests are all advanced copies of burger family.


Bun kabab 3

Bun Kababs are so addictive and famous that there are some brands which are offering Bun Kababs in better packaging one of such brands is Bun Ka Baap (they offer good bun kababs, do try them).

Bun Ka Baap

  1. Chaat / Mix Plate / Chana Papri

Chaat Mix Plate

Chaat, as we call is commonly, is juicy, saucy, spicy and not fattening at all. Whenever I want to go on diet, I eat chaat on daily basis and it gives some really good results. Anyway, Chaat is the most easily available street food in Karachi. There are thaila-walas (cart-pushers) who are master at making chaats by using different ingredients. And they all make mouthwatering chaats, hands down. Chaat is cost-friendly to eat.

Chana Paapri Chaat aaloo chaat

  1. Meethi Puri

Meethi Puri

There’s an art required to eat a Meethi Puri. The different chatnis and dips with yogurt make every meethi puri delicious. There’s a kick in Meethi Puri i.e. salty, sweet and sour blend of sauces which makes it yummy.

  1. French Fries

French fries

Kids and adults, everyone can be spotted near the frying machine of French Fries. I personally think, French Fries are the most eaten snack in Pakistan. From a pack of 5 PKR to 250 PKR we are surrounded by different kinds of French fries. They are serves with different flavored powder and numerous dips and sauces.

  1. Stuffed Paratha

struffed aaloo paratha 1

In the recent years these stuffed parathas got quite famous. We have all had stuffed parathas mostly with minced meat or mashed potatoes from our grannies and moms but these new sorts of stuffed Parathas which cheese, chicken tikka, pizza paratha are totally different. There are Nutella parathas as well which are very popular in some people. Nowadays, these parathas are easily available on the streets of Karachi.

Stuffed Paratha

  1. Kachori

Kachori 2

Kachori is filled with mashed mung beans and serves with potato curry (tarkari). In Karachi, people love Kachoris and whether it is lunch hour or snacks for the evening, they consume it. Kachoris are also served with yogurt and achar.


  1. Samosay / Roll / Pakoray

Roll and samosa

Smosay, Rolls or Pakoray are mostly eaten in the evening as snacks. But there are some people, office going individuals, who prefer to eat these in their lunch. They are economical and satisfying. In Saddar, Shahrah-e-Faisal and other areas of the city there are many thaila-walaas who are selling a good chunk on daily basis. Even in late-night you can easily find all of them in the busy streets of Karachi.


  1. Kaathiawaari Chholay

Kaathiawari Chholay 2

Kaathiawari Chholay are very famous in some parts of the city. They are eaten with pao, bread and spoon, just like the chaat. These Kaathiawari Chholay have sticky and thick fluid and served with garnishing over it. Some crushed paapri is also sprinkled over it to give crunchiness. They are served hot and with dressing. You can get kaathiawaari Chholay from 35 PKR – 75 PKR

  1. Shakarqandi

Shakarqandi 2

Boiled, steamed and roasted Shaqarqandi is available on the streets of Karachi. Karachiites love to eat this as it is very economical and very tasty. Mostly outside shopping malls and near flats you can easily spot a Shakarqandi wala passing by with his thaila/cart. Served with chaat masala and lemon to make the sweet potato spicy and sour, it’s one of a kind experience.

  1. Chicken Chatni Roll

Chicken Chatni Roll

Chicken Rolls are widely sold in Karachi. People of Karachi love chicken chatni rolls. The barbecued boneless chicken pieces wrapped in a paratha with chopped onions and loaded with green chatni or other make it scrumptious in every bite. It’s hard to neglect the smell of a chicken chatni roll, even writing about it gives me hunger pangs for it.

  1. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri is one of my favorites. It is not very commonly available in Karachi but if you happen to visit Tariq Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal or Clifton then you can easily get your hands on Bhel Puri. Bhel Puri is a south Indian snack which has different types of sayo and served with meethi and hari chatni on it along with onions, green chillies and coriander.

  1. One Bite Samosay

aaloo samosa one bite

One bite samosas were very easily available in my childhood; back in late 80’s and 90’s but now they are not so commonly available. These one bite samosas are small dynamites. They are high on spices as the sauce with which they are served is made of potatoes and powdered red-chilies. If you get a chance to spot a guy with these small sized samosas then do give them a try, they are worth experiencing.

aaloo samosa one bite 2

  1. Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa

To get the best Masala Dosa in Kaarachi, you should visit Bahadurabad Chowrangi and spot Dosa Point, a Suzuki-based masala dosa seller. They are next to Tooso. Eat their Masala Dosa and thank me later.


Do share which street food from Karachi you like the most? Plus, if you want to add any other strret food from Karachi in mind, do comment about it!

Happy Eating…