10 Iconic Dancing Heroes Of Bollywood

Bollywood is known for its unique sort of dancing. We have seen Bollywood songs and dance transformations. There was 70’s era when gardens and clubs used to be the main places for dances. Then there was 80’s, when hero and heroine were accompanied by God knows how many uninvited troupes appearing on the screen and dancing on the same steps – that used to be really fascinating. Then came 90’s when pelvic thrusts were the most commonly seen dancing steps. That was the time when dance and vulgarity amalgamated to give some cult classic weird songs, both in terms of dancing steps and lyrics.

Anyway, there are a few heroes who not only were the dancing sensation of their times but also redefined dancing in the B-Town with their unique and distinctive style. Here are the best and most prominent dancers of Bollywood from the last 6 decades. Enjoy!

  1. Shammi Kapoor

One of the trendsetters in dancing, Shammi Kapoor was the “desi” Elvis Presley of his times. His songs mostly sung by Mohammad Rafi, were usually backed with peppy and foot tapping music. His way of dancing is still considered as the most stylish one. Here’s to Shammi Kapoor for introducing proper dance to Bollywood.

  1. Jetendra

The man with white pants and white shoes – yes Jetendra “The Jumping Jack” of his times, is one of the most popular dancing heroes of Bollywood. Whether it was Farz, Caravan or Himmatwala; Jetendra reintroduced dancing style in Bollywood. His songs with Sridevi are still a delight to watch; with amusing dancing steps.

  1. Rishi Kapoor

“Chintu” aka Rishi Kapoor is a natural dancer. He not only gave dancing a new style but he also made Qawalis a usual in his movies. Till date, there is no one who can pull off a Qawali like he used to do. Rishi was actually the musical hero and this is one of the reasons why most of his movies were romantic and musical classics.

  1. Govinda

Chichi aka Govinda redefined dance with movies like Ilzam, Khudgharz, Swarg and later on with the “No. 1” series. Govinda is the only actor who thoroughly enjoys dancing and that’s visible on his face. The peculiar smile on his face when dancing proves that he dances with his heart. By far, Govinda is the most believable dancer of Bollywood. He makes people dance, and that’s the biggest achievement in itself.

  1. Mithun Chakraborty

The authentic Disco Dancer who arose from the streets of India, Mithun Chakraborty introduced Disco Dance to the Bollywood. The way his feet used to move on music made him the king of Dancing in India. He enjoys the most respected position as the dancer in Indian film industry.

  1. Jaaved Jaffry

With the song “Bol Baby Bol” from “Meri Jang”, the baddie was hugely appreciated for his awesome moves and dancing skills. That’s the kind of magic Jaaved Jaffry created with his debut movie. Sadly, the multi-talented lad couldn’t get more characters to prove his mettle but his fans always admired him for the kind of potential he pertains to himself. Jaaved Jaffry has the most unique style of dancing till date, he is fluid.

  1. Prabhu Deva

The south Indian dancing sensation aka Desi Michael Jackson – Prabhu Deva was an instant hit when Hum Se Hai Muqabla released back in early 90’s. With songs like “Marhaba” and “Muqabla” he proved that he was unbeatable in dancing. Fast forward one decade he performed with Madhuri in Pukar on Ke Sera Sera and again made viewers his fan. And even today from ABCD series, he still has that unique style of ruling the hearts of his fans with his deadly dancing moves. He doesn’t have bones!

  1. Hrithik Roshan

Whether it’s his iconic moves from “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” and “Ik Pal Ka Jeena” or dances from “Bang Bang” and “Main Aisa Kiyun hoon”, Duggu aka Hrithik Roshan is the most sensational dancer of the lot. He has style, attitude and confidence to do the most difficult steps with complete ease. Hrithik is the finest dancer of his times.

  1. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor has proved himself as one of the finest actors but his dance moves are killer. He dances smoothly and with complete ease. Shahid’s songs have uniqueness in terms of newness of steps. He confidently performs the steps and is one of the leading dancing heroes of Bollywood.

  1. Varun Dhawan

The new kid in the block is not only adorable and cute but he dances exceptionally well in the latest lot of actors who are launched recently. Varun Dhawan is proving to be the most dependable dancer as he works really hard to add his style statement in the steps which are given to him. All the best to the young starlet of Bollywood.